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Why Choose Midway Rehab Testing Services?

Professional Company Drug Test Knoxville TN


Our testing personnel have either the CPC and/or CPCT certification to ensure your employees receive error-free specimen collection and processing.

Experienced Company Drug Test Knoxville TN


Midway has been performing drug tests in the Knoxville area for over 20 years. No one has more experience with the needs of area employers.

Our current customers have workforces ranging from under 20 to over 300 employees.

Convenient Company Drug Test Knoxville TN


For the employer, we offer robust online capabilities, including test ordering, results reporting, account creation and maintenance, and billing/payment options.

If your testing needs fit our volume requirements, we offer mobile collection at your facility.

Low Cost Company Drug Test Knoxville TN

Low Cost

Midway Rehab Testing Services cuts out the middleman, and as a result, our cost per test is 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of our competitors.

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About Midway Rehab Testing Services

Company Drug Test Knoxville Tennessee

Midway Rehab Drug Testing Services has offered drug testing services in the Knoxville area for more than 20 years.

No local provider has more experience!

With 11 locations in Knox County and more in surrounding areas, Midway Rehab Drug Testing Services is there when you need us. Midway Rehab Drug Testing Services conducts instant urine drug tests as well as laboratory-based testing services in-house.


For more information, give us a call on 865-469-0383 or email info@midwaytesting.com

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Our Services

At Midway Rehab Testing Services we offer a variety of monitored, observed, and non-monitored testing including the following tests:

  • DOT 5-Panel Drug Test
  • TN Drug Free Workplace 5-Panel Test
  • Instant 10-Panel Drug Test
  • Instant 12-Panel Drug Test
  • 12-Panel Drug Lab Test
  • Expanded Opiate Drug Testing
  • Marijuana Drug Test
  • Expanded Opiate Drug Test
  • Suboxone Drug Test
  • Fentanyl Test
  • Synthetic Cannabinoid UrineTesting

Hair drug testing panels are offered beginning at 5 and extending to 14 panels.

  • Healthcare Professional Panel (HPP)
  • Medical Professional Panel (MedPro)
  • Additional testing panels including HPP-IA, HPP-II, HPP-llA, HPP-lll, HPP-IV, HPP-V, HPP-VA, HPP-VI

If you employ commercial drivers, it is required by law that they are drug tested. However, it is also good business practice for all employees to foster a safer and more productive drug free workplace. Volume discounts are available on request.

individual self-pay

If your employer, school, or other entity has requested a drug test and you have to pay for it yourself, Midway Testing Services can provide low-cost drug testing that cuts out the middle man.


If you want to know if you or someone you love will be able to pass a drug test such as a pre-employment drug screening Midway Testing can help you confirm that you are going to pass.


Testimonial by Anne Freeman

Midway has helped to streamline our hiring process by offering efficient and expedient testing, especially during COVID-19. Other screening facilities have increased wait times and unacceptable conditions. During this past year, they have processed most applicants in under 30 minutes, with rapid test results available as an option.

Anne Freeman

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Testimonial by Kimberly Smith

The place is great. The staff is amazing. Everyone is super friendly and outgoing. Overall 5-star experience every time I am there!

Kimberly Smith

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Employer & Employee Training for DOT/TN Drug Free Workplace

Training for Drug Free Workplace Tennessee

Midawy Testing Services partners with Drug-Free Business Solutions to provide employer and employee training, including FMCSA Reasonable Suspicion Training for supervisors and the FMCSA Drug and Alcohol Training Program for employees who are subject to DOT drug and alcohol testing. This training will help you and your employees remain compliant with drug and alcohol testing guidelines and reduce the time spent on administrative work.

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